Cerevo is committed to achieving rapid growth and innovation with its partners and stakeholders.

Creating one step ahead services and products with us means bringing innovation throughout various industries.

To that end, we are constantly “co-accelerating” with our partners.


  • More than ten years experience of planning, development, manufacturing and sales of hardware products including connected hardware devices.

  • Joint development of application software, cloud service systems and web services for various connected hardware products including IoT and other devices.

  • Providing software development, user support, logistics, trade show support, marketing strategies and planning to hardware startups.


We give shape to your ideas and assist in bringing them to market.

We work with partners and stakeholders within your organization to bring to life the next generation of products and services.

Cerevo will continue to grow in tandem with the hardware startup market to make a better future.


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    your dream

  • Make it now

The name Cerevo is a portmanteau of Consumer Electronics and REVOlution, and is a part of our founding ethos as a company.

Seeking to realize that mission, we have created devices with new communication capabilities that previously were not connected to the Internet, and continue to develop a new range of IoT products that innovate and provide new value.

Cerevo celebrated its 10th anniversary in May 2018 and had the opportunity to think again about how to realize new opportunities created by IoT products. Sometimes new devices that do not yet exist are necessary, services need to be created for those devices, and new devices may be needed with capabilities beyond already established services. Yet one thing is universal: there are many people around the world with ideas poised to make our lives more convenient, more exciting, and more efficient. Going forward, Cerevo can provide full support to you and your company with such creative ideas and help leverage their full potential, bringing new value to the world.

Cerevo is not bound by the conventions of the existing IoT, but also pursues true innovation and new value with its partners, going beyond the hardware, software and services working towards seamless integration.

Cerevo operates three core business units: our own IoT products and manufacturing, startup support, and partner hardware/IoT product planning, manufacturing and consulting. We believe these business segments allow us to bring high-quality hardware/IoT products and services to the world.

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