Joint and Contract Development

Cerevo has developed, manufactured and sold several dozen connected products that are available in more than eighty countries and regions worldwide. With this program you can take advantage of the knowledge and expertise Cerevo has been accumulating to make your dream product/service come true.

Not only do we assist you with designing and development but also Cerevo takes part in selection of factories for mass manufacturing, product marketing/PR, sales and user support as a comprehensive total support solution. We have unique expertise in best practices to plan and design products to make them relevant for different regions, so we are poised to assist you with joint and contract development.

Core services offered

Rapid development

Startup expertise

Support from top engineers

Overseas production network

Support for a wide range of mass production


We offer product and service development support, including hardware mass production, teaming up with you to make it happen.

  • Service planning
    • We go beyond the physical goods you want to create, to offer comprehensive advice and assistance on the services, app development and infrastructure needed to give shape to the ultimate objective or idea you want to realize.
  • Marketing/PR
    • We engage with you from the initial planning phases to define requirements with an eye to marketing and propose effective and comprehensive marketing communication strategies.
  • Sales/retail strategy
    • We take part in early as the planning phases and assist in crafting effective sales and retail strategies, as well as developing global sales networks tailored to reach your target demographic.

The Cerevo process

  1. Defining requirements
    1. Your first step is to give shape to the product/service you want to offer to your target users. This is where all requirements are defined. Cerevo works with you as a team to discuss and create requirement definitions and preparing specification documents of your future product/service.
    2. Defining the product design, functionality, uniqueness, target audience, manufacturing cost and retail prices are all part of basic requirements we will discuss and review with you.
    3. At this stage, Cerevo, with its expertise in selling its products in more than 80 countries and regions, will support you to clarify the products/service values to build comprehensive yet effective marketing strategies that can lead to your product/service’s smooth development.
      1. Product/service specifications based on marketing strategies
      2. Destination (which countries the product will be shipped to)
      3. Usage time (for example, if battery operated the operating time)
      4. Patent/trademark filing
      5. Establish a unique selling proposition
      6. Filing and registration support (for example, insurance and certifications)
  2. Design/development
    1. The design process involves precisely designing how to build a product that meets the defined requirements. For example, this involves selecting electrical components with optimal performance and considering a component layout that will support mass production.
    2. Cerevo is staffed with engineers deeply experienced in electronics, machinery and software to aid with this process.
  3. Prototyping
    1. Based on the product design data, making the prototype for the evaluation in a prompt manner is key. Utilizing 3D printers and cutting machines, Cerevo supports you to complete the prototype in the shortest possible time.
    2. Prototypes are always built with a certain purpose. This could be to evaluate whether a specific concept or functionality meets the requirements, or to perform a physical test to see if the minimum functionality is maintained. In addition, evaluations of safety and durability may be performed, as well as checks to see whether a product is suited to mass production.
      1. Pre-production prototype: used to evaluate the product concept
      2. Design prototype: used to evaluate a product in development
      3. Mass production prototype: used to determine the product’s suitability for mass production
  4. Evaluation
    1. The review process to determine whether the prototype meets the required functionality.
    2. Broadly speaking, the assessment process takes three forms.
      • Functional assessment
        We check whether the product meets the desired performance, including user experience factors such as the feel of clickable buttons, readability of displays, size and weight.
        1. Does the product meet the defined requirements?
        2. Usability (button location and ease to operate)
        3. Readability/visibility of displays
        4. Product physical measurements, including its design
      • Reliability evaluation
        The product is tested to see whether it offers the expected functionality and is safe in the presumed operating environment.
        1. Temperature test
        2. Vibration test
        3. Waterproof/dustproof test
        4. Battery charge test, etc.
      • Evaluative testing (for certification purposes)
        In order to able to sell your product in foreign countries we check and confirm the product meets the standard of countries’ certifications prior to certification at organization testing facilities.
  5. Procurement
    1. The procurement process involves obtaining the components needed for mass production. Mass producing a product requires not just finding factories for final assembly, but also arranging to supply the necessary parts, acquiring packing materials and other steps.
    2. For example, some electronic components may have a long delivery lead time, so it is critical to begin scheduling the procurement early on. In many cases, the plastics and metals used in a product housing are custom made, which requires designing and creating the molds. Cerevo adopts a fabless manufacturing approach, which allows us to select the best facility for each product.
      1. Procurement of electrical components
      2. Selection of manufacturing plants and arranging manufacturing for resin/metal parts
      3. Arranging packing material processes
      4. Preparation of assembly documents and inspection manuals
  6. Manufacturing
    1. This is the stage where the final products you are going to deliver to customers are built.
    2. Procured parts arrive at assembly facilities and electronic components are embedded and attached to a housing. Only those items passing inspection are then packaged and shipped.
    3. Manufacturing involves not only assembly of supplied parts, but also quality assurance/quality control, a critical step used to ensure that the components and product meet quality standards.
  7. Shipping/logistics
    1. We support and assist you to develop the best logistics solution, including shipping methods and import/export procedures so that your products can arrive at your customer’s door.
      1. Warehouse suggestions
      2. Sales connection
  8. Delivery/inspection
    1. The final inspection/QC/QA process before your products depart to your customers.
  9. Retail/Distribution
    1. Successful new product distribution requires selecting the best sales channels prior to announcing publicly the product launch.
    2. This means, for example, making sure there are effective spaces for the product at stores or to set up an on-line store leading from your official product page. Cerevo works with you to prepare this critical side of your business before the product is officially announced.
      1. Order processing
      2. Business development support
      3. On-line store creation
  10. Customer support
    1. Manufacturing and crafting products does not end when the item is built and sold. Valuable user feedback is used to inform development and create a better product. To that end, we assist in working with users, repairing defects and analyzing trends to obtain these vital data points.
      1. Handling inquiries from users
      2. Handling repairs/exchange of defective products
      3. Analyzing product defects and feedback to aid development
  11. Sales/Marketing/PR
    1. To maximize the opportunities as you announce your new product/service, Cerevo helps you to create comprehensive, effective marketing and PR strategies. With this you can reach wider audiences, including press organizations, to boost your opportunity for launch stage growth. We pay close attention to results to further enhance your total communication strategy.
      1. Product marketing at the initial product planning stage
      2. Promotion at time of product launch
      3. Media strategy jointly proposed
      4. Introducing to members of the press

Cerevo works with you and your team to give shape to your products and services to make your startup’s dreams a reality. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.