Supporting Start-ups

Cerevo has been pioneering its “Global Niche” strategy for more than ten years and has delivered products designed and developed in-house to more than 80 countries around the world. With the know-how that can cover everything from design and manufacturing to sales, including design management, development methodology, manufacturing management and marketing and PR, Cerevo can support projects for start-ups and new business development for established companies.

  • Team making and building for the entire project

    Team making and building for
    the entire project

    Cerevo not only supports product development, but also service design, public relations and more. Also, Cerevo can assist you in developing your team to gain more experience across the entire product life cycle.

  • Rapid development

    Rapid development

    We emphasize the speed with which you can develop products together with our team. We will support development by matching our team’s expertise with the your team structure and product features.

  • Online support

    Online support

    In addition to face-to-face meetings, we can provide flexible online meetings and correspondence to assist you in any location.

Start-up Support

  • 01Prototyping support

    We will create a prototype at an early stage of development and support the development process to confirm the system specification with feedback from the team mambers. An experienced Cerevo engineer will participate with the your development team at this stage and together finish the prototype.

  • 02Mass production support

    After the prototype is completed, a PVT (Process verification test) is manufactured using the actual mass production line. Cerevo’s mass production support staff will support the process of checking whether the PVT quality assurance and production line are functioning correctly, along with your team. In addition, we will also support acquisition of various global certifications and MP (Mass production).

  • 03Buiness support

    Together with product manufacturing along with the schedule, we will participate in planning and designing essential business services. We will implement plans together with your team that will enhance the value of products and the start-ups, and assist in efforts the raise funds as required.

  • 04PR/Marketing support

    Start-ups often receive many excellent one-time PR opportunities, such as the establishment of the company and first product/service launch. However, it can be difficult to coordinate these opportunities without PR/communications experience. Cerevo’s PR team will assist and plan effective public relations including service announcements, product launch announcements and community events.

  • 05Sales support

    We will support your product sales operation, working with you to gain effective distribution channels and retail opportunities based on your strategy. As for e-commerce, Cerevo will assist and advise on everything from web site construction to technical support.

Cerevo offers services to help shape your IoT products.
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