About Us

Cerevo (Consumer Electronics REVOlution) was founded with the aim to constantly provide innovative products and solutions to transform people’s lives. Today many home devices now have means to connect to the Internet, but most are just extensions of existing products. Cerevo seeks to expand and innovate further by creating IoT devices that follow its “Global Niche” concept.

Company Name
Cerevo Inc. (Japan HQ) Cerevo USA LLC (USA branch)
President, CEO
Takuma Iwasa
Corporate Officers
Osamu Ogasahara Kenichi Matsumoto
90 * 2017.02
Business Outline
  • Planning, manufacturing and sales of connected hardware
  • Contract development of connected hardware
  • Hardware start-up assistance

  • May 2008 – Cerevo Inc. was founded in Tokyo, Japan
  • December 2009 – Released its first product, CEREVO CAM
  • February 2012 – Opened US branch office, Cerevo USA LLC, and started selling products internationally
  • November 2011 – Released PC-less live streaming device, LiveShell
  • 2012 – Launch of LiveShell in the US and EU.
  • November 2014 – Supported DMM.make AKIBA launch, moved to DMM.make AKIBA, greatly increasing R&D resources
  • March 2015 – Opened Hong Kong branch office, Cerevo HK Limited
  • 2015 – LiveWedge, BlueNinja, Hackey, cloudiss, LiveShell 2, SNOW-1 released
  • 2016 – ORBITREC, RIDE-1, Listnr, LiveShell X, and DOMINATOR released
  • March 2016 – Total number of the countries Cerevo products can be purchased in reached 50
  • December 2016 – Released automatic home projection robot, Tipron



Cerevo USA LLC. 8201 164th Ave NE, Suite 200 Redmond, WA 98052-7604.


4F Yushima Building, 3-14-9 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0034, Japan.
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